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Welcome! Avontura is a Minecraft mod created by Leikaru, but with the assistance of UndeadGaming606 and Jokkiedog(coder). Leikaru is also the creator of this wiki, and he is looking for people to help him out with the wiki. The logo to the right is created by Jarni.

Avontura is a WIP mod that is posted on Planet Minecraft, by Leikaru (again). It is in early stages of development, but it's next version will be a very large update.

The TeamEdit

LEIKARU - Head Of Avontura & Lead Coder, Texture & Some other stuff

UNDEADGAMING606 - Modeler, Supporter, and Idea Man

JOKKIEDOG - Supporter and Coding Assistant


The new Avontura logo Jokkiedog made.


Avontura is currently under a revamp, and therefore, You ARE NOT allowed to edit anything Leikaru posts, whether you are an admin or not. Leikaru will be the person to post pages. This will be the only page, but others will be added slowly. This is a NO argument decision from Leikaru.



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